Friday, February 5, 2010

Hunting Faruque Hunter,

Hunting Faruque Hunter

Is very easy! People like him think they have got license to insult and abuse people. Generally speaking, they don’t have an iota of evidence. They can not present any evidence. Yet, they think they are correct and they have some kinds of right to insult and abuse other people.

Last sixty years history of Israel and Faruque Hunter’s debate (or insult) style, strategy and tactics are good enough for this time.

Faruqe Hunter has failed to answer six points of mine in my link . Yet, he is giving me lecture! Do you call it promiscuity for virginity?

Nazi Zionist groups have managed to enslave USA, Yahoo Q and A! As a result, no one is even allowed to debate or discuss any and all issues we are discussing here!! They would like run the world with manipulation and deception.

I hope you got the picture and that’s why I am in this Electronic Frontier. I support the notion of free internet because I don’t like to be controlled by those Megabyte Nazis as their records are very bad. I also can see from a safe distance that the intent and purpose of these Megabyte Nazis are worse.

Why Are The Americans Suffering From Incapacitation Of Free Speech?

Where is the free speech in USA?

Why can’t they debate and discuss the actual issue?

Why did Yahoo remove the question below? Are they afraid of the truth or enslaved by the Zionists?

Do You Like To Know Faruque Hunter of Electronic Frontier?

Faruque Hunter of Electronic Frontier